Alec Paul

I was born and raised here in Anchorage, although I’ve also spent a few years in the greater Denver and Phoenix areas. Although I’ve been a “believer” in Jesus for as long as I can remember, I didn’t become a follower of Christ until 2001, when I heard the gospel explained in a truly compelling manner for the first time. I have been obsessed with the message of “Jesus plus nothing” ever since.

My wife Becky and I met on a church singles rafting trip in 2005. We began dating in late 2006 and were married in 2008. She is an amazing woman of faith, an accomplished Deaf educator and is a small business owner.

We adopted our daughter Esther at birth in 2013 and our son Janson at birth in 2014. We are constantly in awe of how much we enjoy them.

My relationship with Mike Merriner goes back to 2004, and when we heard he and Sabrina were planting a church we were on board immediately. It has been one of the great joys of my life to regularly preach as a lay leader at Clear Water since its inception.

In the late summer of 2016 I sold my own small business after 11 years to come on staff as Associate Pastor. It is an incredible honor to be entrusted with such a tremendous responsibility, and to share the same gospel message that changed my life 16 years ago.

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Amy Martin

I'm from Wrangell, Alaska. My dad was the pastor of the Assemblies of God church there, until we moved to Anchorage my junior year of high school.


Growing up in pastor/missionaries home Christ was always the center of our family, and I accepted him at a young age. But I am always growing and learning in my own personal relationship with the Lord.

I've been married to my high school sweetheart for 21 years, and through God's grace and love we have four children; 21 year old identical twin girls (thankful for Gods grace and love with our first born's), and 10 year old boy/girl twins (again God's grace and love to have more kids). Yes, large span, that's probably too long of story for here! :) 


I coordinate the lessons and volunteers for Clear Water's Children's ministry. My favorite part is connecting with my volunteers and the parents!  I hope to create a community where parents can serve together, build relationships and support for each other outside of the Sunday


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Kristi Rushing

I am from Texarkana, Texas and I went to Liberty Eylau High School, graduating salutatorian. I have an AA in Music Education from Kilgore College, graduating With High Honors, and a Bachelor of Music Education from East Texas Baptist University, graduating Magna Cum Laude. Before I moved to Alaska, I was the Middle School band director and the High School Assistant director at Clarksville ISD. After moving here I was the Music Specialist at Anchorage Montessori School. I resigned my position there to babysit my grandson. (I have one son and daughter in law, and one grandson.) I have held Worship Leader positions at Buchanan FBC and Lone Oak Baptist, as well as being the Music Assistant for Beech Street FBC.

I was saved on a church bus that would come to our neighborhood on Saturdays. They would show us a film about Jesus, and that day He made it clear to me that I was loved by Him and He would never leave me. So thankful for His provision and for giving that church the wisdom and resources for that bus ministry! I could say so much more about my testimony, but it would be a book!

Clear Water Church is doing some awesome work in the community, and I look forward to seeing lives changed because of that work! As Sound Tech, I have been excited to see the talented young people willing to step up and lead, or take part in leading, worship. I am excited to see what the future holds for them as they serve God with their talents!

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Clear Water Church - Thursday 7PM @ Wendler Middle School
Sunday 10AM @ Wendler Middle School
PO Box 91100, Anchorage, AK 99509
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