Welcome to Clear Water Kids!

Our mission is to provide excellent care for children and point them toward Christ. Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."  (Matthew 19:14)


With the current municipal restrictions and resulting limitations, our children's church will be held in the Wendler gym at 10 AM on Sundays and serve children preschool-aged through fifth grade. They will be able to participate in activities and listen to a Bible story. All children are also welcome in the main worship service.  


Checking In

Check in your children as early as 15 minutes prior to the service. Provide each child's name and age and your mobile number. If you need to be contacted during the service, we will text you. Each child and parent receives a name tag with a unique number. Please wear the name tag with the corresponding number to ensure that only you can pick up your child. 

Please let us know if your child has an allergy at check in.  We will provide an allergy sticker for your child to wear so that the classroom workers will be aware. No food is allowed in the gym.

If needed, please take your child to the restroom prior to drop off. Restrooms are located in the front lobby. This is especially important for children who are potty training. A team member will text you so that you can take your child to the restroom if needed during the service.

What to Expect

  • Regular adult team members to have passed a background check and application.

  • Visibility into the gym.

  • Bible lessons, games, crafts, playing, and prayer for preschoolers and elementary children.

  • No food in the gym. On rare occasions a bagged treat might be given to go home with your child but is not intended to be consumed on site.


Baby Dedication

Please contact our children's ministry director to request dedicating your child to be reared in the knowledge of the Lord in the presence of the church congregation.

Consider Joining Our Team!

We have ministry positions for teaching, assisting, checking in children, and hall monitoring. Serve once a month, once a quarter, or however often you like.  Contact the children's ministry director to fill out an application and help expand our ministry to children.